How to care for your leather products

Upgrade your leather care routine with POLITIX. Discover tailored care for various leather types and accessories. 

A leather laptop pouch for work, a leather crossbody bag for everyday or a leather weekender bag for getaways— Leather accessories are timeless investments that can elevate your outfit or agenda.  


Our leather accessories collection comes in classic colours of Black, Dark Khaki and Brown. The whole range is designed in-house, made from 100% genuine leather and crafted with considered details. With that in mind, these investment pieces require proper care to maintain its beauty and durability.  


POLITIX is here to give you a simple three-step guide to ensure your leather bags stays in pristine condition: 

Supplies You'll Need: 


·     Soft, clean cloth 

·     Leather cleaner 

·     Leather conditioner 

·     Parchment paper or bubble wrap 

·     Parchment paper or bubble wrap 

1. Cleaning Your Leather Accessory 

Always handle your leather with clean hands - leather is prone to absorbing grease and oil. For daily maintenance, gently sweep your leather bag with a soft, dry, or slightly damp cloth every other day. Avoid excessive water, as leather can mark with water stains. 


For a deeper clean, use a leather-specific cleaner once or twice a year. Apply it in a circular motion, then wipe off with a slightly damp cloth to prevent clogging the pores of the leather. 


2. Conditioning Your Leather Bag 

Think of leather conditioner as moisturiser for your leather. Regular conditioning prevents dryness, flaking, and wrinkling. Apply conditioner to a soft cloth and gently rub it over the entirety of the leather goods. 


Depending on your climate's dryness or humidity, condition your leather bag at least twice a year, or as often as once a month, to maintain its softness and suppleness. 


3. Storing Your Leather Bag 

Place it in the dust bag provided and store it somewhere where the accessory isn’t squashed. To maintain its shape, stuff your leather bag with bubble wrap or parchment paper. If necessary, you can store with silica gel packets to absorb moisture. 


Air your leather accessory every two weeks to prevent mould growth, but avoid heavy exposure to the elements, as it can dramatically age the leather. 

Other Tips

Prevent water absorption by promptly wiping off excess moisture if your bag gets wet. Avoid using a hairdryer to dry leather; instead, let it air dry naturally before applying conditioner. 


Avoid cleaning products containing alcohol, as they can dry out and discolour your leather goods.