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Thursday 13 July 2023



Image of two models wearing POLITIX Navy and Black Suit Image of two models wearing POLITIX Navy and Black Suit

The TikTok revolution has made us more aware of investing in timeless fashion pieces. We want to spend on things that will last a while— we want the longevity, the stability, the multifunctionality. With that said, welcome the wardrobe pieces that will outlast trends.

Versatile, timeless and functional. The must-have clothes you need in your wardrobe.

Welcome your Everyday Essentials.  




The classic suit  

GIF of model in ways to wear navy suitGIF of model in ways to wear navy suit

A signature style. A go-to work look. Worn in so many ways. There’s no doubt that a classic suit is a wardrobe staple. For many men, a suit is what they wear everyday, so it only makes sense to find one with a timeless aesthetic and one that will go with all the other pieces in your wardrobe.

Your classic suit should be well-tailored and crafted with great attention to detail. For a piece that is trend-immune, opt for classic colours. Take our black or navy suit and see the three ways to wear. 



Modern neutrals

GIF of model wearing different ways to wear out Natural suiting options GIF of model wearing different ways to wear out Natural suiting options

Clean, muted and errs on the side of the minimalist trend— A light tonal outfit showcases a relaxed yet polished aesthetic. Natural hues are becoming one of the most versatile colours in a man’s wardrobe: it’s the new black.

Light neutral pieces are a modern man’s essential.  We suggest having two or three pieces in the same textured fabrication and colour palette: a tailored suit, a casual bomber and relaxed pants.


Pare back with a plain white shirt or tee and sneakers or a knit. 



A fine tuxedo

For formal events, weddings or galas, every man needs to have a tuxedo on hand. And not just a tuxedo at that. This is a man’s refined suit, so it needs to be one with excellent craftsmanship and one that suits their unique style. Cue our four best tuxedos to help you master the black-tie dress code effortlessly.  

Model wearing our POLITIX Slim Fiit Shawl Collar Tuxedo Jacket in Bordeaux


Luxe velvet feel, sateen shawl lapel and a slim-tailored fit. This tuxedo jacket is for the man who enjoys a vintage and elegant look. Velvet tuxedos pair well with a classic bowtie.   



Model wearing the POLITIX SLim Stretch Tuxedo Satin Peak Lapel Tuxedo


Naturally, a black tuxedo is a suits-all piece. It’s timeless, it’s low-key. But it’s never regular. A classic tuxedo still stands out. Consider the details: Satin peak lapel, textured fabrication and finished off with satin buttons.   

Add some modern touches and make it an all-black look with a lightweight knit. 



Model wearing Double Breasted Bordeaux Tuxedo Jacket


Modern and stylish, think Harry Styles. This double-breasted velvet tuxedo is for those that like to push the boundaries of mainstream fashion (without overdoing it).

Pair with a plain tee and black derby dress shoes. 



Model wearing the POLITIX Slim Fit Double Breasted Tuxedo


A strong look. An ivory tuxedo jacket is for the confident man. Choosing a lighter hue is a style standout.

With a satin peak lapel detail, this double-breasted tuxedo jacket is best styled with a bowtie and a formal shirt with contrasting buttons.  




White shirts

Interviews, dinners, social gatherings and weddings. A white shirt is the foundational piece for a well-styled man. How many do you need exactly? Well, we recommend at least four.    

Model wearing a flannel shirt from Politix

Linen for the summer    

Soft, breathable and with a relaxed silhouette. This white shirt is perfect for beach hangs or a less formal occasion. Try it with a neutral dress pant for an effortless look.  

Model wearing POLITIX Slim Sateen Long Sleeve Shirt

Slim fit for a modern look   

Clean lines, contrast cuff buttons and a high-shine satin finish. This slim fit long sleeve shirt is great for workwear —all about comfort and stretch, this is a well-tailored formal piece essential for everyday dressing.    

Model wearing POLITIX Regular Sateen Long Sleeve Shirt

Regular fit for a classic look  

A classic and traditional silhouette, this regular stretch shirt pairs well with our regular stretch pant and a black Chelsea boot.   

Model wearing the Slim Textured French Cuff Shirt

Italian fabric for special occasions    

Crafted from premium Italian fabrication and organic cotton, this long-sleeve dress shirt can go from your weekday uniform to your special dress shirt.  

Style with a tie colour-matched to your dress pant.  




Lightweight jackets

GIF of model wearing our lightweight jacket options GIF of model wearing our lightweight jacket options

A lightweight jacket is the top layer that brings an effortless-cool mood to any look. Pare back with jeans for a simple look or style with a suit pant for a modern twist.   


When looking for a lightweight jacket, consider details such as its collar: ribbed, standard or a stand collar are the most popular. With a structured fit and modern hues, our light jackets are versatile and unlike any other.  




Investment leather jacket  

GIF of model wearing different POLITIX Leather jackets GIF of model wearing different POLITIX Leather jackets

Once a utilitarian classic, now an iconic essential. A leather biker jacket is a key piece in your wardrobe that says effortless cool like no other. Crafted from 100% leather and includes classic details like a stand collar and zipped cuffs.  


When finding a leather jacket that works for you, consider the colour palette in your current wardrobe.  




Chinos: Refresh your regulars

GIF of model wearing POLITIX Chino range GIF of model wearing POLITIX Chino range

The core of our Everyday Essentials edit is to curate pieces that are timeless, versatile and functional and ultimately, it’s to elevate your everyday wear.   


And with that, our best-selling chinos are anything but ordinary. Its specific fabrication of 97% Australian cotton and 3% elastane allows for durability, breathability and comfort. We know chinos are versatile and are already a part of your rotation—it’s time to invest in ones that are well-designed.  


Comes in Slim and Ultra Slim fits.