Do the Groom and Groomsmen Match? 

As mentioned, modern weddings feature the groom and groomsmen embracing individuality while still all having a cohesive look. A popular trend is opting for the same colour palette rather than identical suits. This allows each member to express their style while contributing to the specific wedding aesthetic. Modern couples are leaning towards a mix-and-match approach, incorporating different shades and a wide range of suit styles within a specific colour palette. 
What Wedding Suit to Wear by Season?

What season the wedding lands on is a big factor to consider when figuring out your wedding attire. For spring and summer weddings, couples are favouring lighter fabrics and brighter tones. Breathable fabrications like linen or wool suits are popular choices. Fall and winter weddings call for richer, darker tones and heavier fabrics such as velvet to achieve a sophisticated look. 
What Suit to Wear to a Summer Wedding?

Summer weddings have its own set of challenges and opportunities for sartorial choices. Lighter colours like lilacs and soft blues are on the rise, reflecting the season's vibrancy. Opting for breathable fabrics like cotton, ensures both style and comfort under the sun. Couples are also exploring more casual suit options, such as tailored blazers paired with dress pants.