In search of men’s summer wedding attire or just looking for the best men's wedding suits? We've got you covered with modern classics, boundary-pushing tuxedos and sharp accessories. Everything you need to nail your style on the big stage.

The big day has been set. The invites are in the mail, the menu is locked, the vows are written. Now it's time to talk wedding style.

Wedding attire for men has traditionally been a bit of an afterthought, thrown together without too much thought or flair. And that's cool. Your partner is usually the centre of attention (and rightly so). But here's the thing. Looking sharp on your wedding day (or a mate's wedding day) is non-negotiable. It's probably the biggest party you'll ever throw. And those photos? They'll live forever.

So let's make sure you look sharp.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed by men's wedding fashion, but we're here to guide you through the chaos. No matter the dress code, whether you're looking for wedding suits, groom fashion, groomsmen tips or flashy guest wear, here's our advice: pick your mood, and build your look.

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Fact: a navy blue men’s suit will never steer you wrong. Even on your
wedding day.
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Our single-breasted navy suit is a best-seller for a reason. It goes with everything, it's versatile enough to wear as a casual jacket, and it's easily punched up with wedding-worthy accessories, from pocket squares to lapel pins. Don't be afraid to experiment with different shades of blue, either. Petrol and slate can both look smart, depending on the season. Just remember to match your belt and shoes—brown with brown, black with black.

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The Finishing Touches

Remember: a navy suit needs accessories, but don't go crazy.

A navy suit is best when accessorised. Pops of colour (pinks and yellows work well) will bring out the richness and depth of the suit. And there's ever a time to go all-in on accessories, it's your wedding day. Silver cufflinks and a matching tie clip can work wonders.

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the black tie

Black tie sounds intimidating, but honestly it’s no big deal. We've given the black tux wedding a modern update with luxe trims and slick, tailored fits. You can either go classic black tux with the traditional satin peak lapel, or mix things up with rich tones of burgundy and midnight blue. The trick here is coordination: factor in your groomsmen and your partner’s outfit, along with little things (like the colours in the bouquet). You’ll be surprised how easy it is to look good in black tie. James Bond wore it for a reason.


The Finishing Touches

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The key with black tie is balance. It's your wedding day. You're in a black tux. Let the suit do most of the talking. Your job is to ensure nothing takes away from that pristine look. So: high-shine patent leather shoes, an in-proportion black bow tie, and a hint of subtle metallic hardware. Boom: groom-worthy.

If you're going to rock the tux, it's definitely worth investing in a good-quality tuxedo shirt. You can't really have one without the other. These are slicker than your average white shirt. Think wing collars, French cuffs and fine stretch fabrics. Again, you want something that won’t distract from that beautiful tux jacket, so no colours or crazy patterns—a light houndstooth or diamond stitch is a good way to go.

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Wedding cocktail party attire

So you're thinking a cocktail party wedding? With social distancing measures in place, it can be a good option. Just remember: it might be a cocktail party, but it’s still you're wedding. Don't fade into the background.

For the cocktail party wedding, we're loving the neutral trend. This has been huge for summer wedding attire: cream tones, light-weight fabrics, some soft-tailored silhouettes. It's the wedding suit that screams Mediterranean sunsets and gin cocktails.

If you want to make a louder statement, think about a patterned tux, like our famous navy jacquard. This is a cocktail-style take on traditional black tie, with a single button for that rakish, martini-drinking vibe. Cocktail weddings don’t have to be super dressy—especially when it comes to men's wedding suits. They’re a chance to experiment and have some fun.


The Finishing Touches

Men's wedding attire is all about balance. Your outfit is the sum of its parts, and none of the parts should scream too loud.

If you're rocking a red velvet jacket, keep the shirt and wedding tie simple: a crisp white dress shirt and sleek black silk tie. If you’re going the neutral tone route, finish off the look with a tan leather belt, white dress shirt and a pop of colour: pastel pink, blue and yellow are all great for weddings. The tie is optional for this one (another thing we love about cocktail weddings).

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Beach Wedding Attire For Men

Sun, surf, sangria. There's a lot to love about a beach wedding. But it does present a new suiting problem: heat. No-one wants to be sweating into their wool suit when they're saying "I do..."
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Summer wedding attire for men means comfort, comfort and comfort. This season, we want to bring back breathability, which means loose fits and light-weave suits. For beachside colours, think pastel blue, ivory or blush, and don't forget grey, especially a nice light charcoal. Our light grey Midhurst suit has become a best-seller during summer—you can accessories in dozens of directions, and you’re guaranteed it’ll match with your overall colour scheme.

One thing that's not beach-friendly? Formal dress shoes. For summer beach weddings, you really can't go past the loafer: always a great wedding shoe for men. Use a no-show sock to keep things looking sleek (and sand-free).

The Finishing Touches

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Vows on the beach

If you've kept things subdued with a white shirt and tonal suit, use accessories to give the mood a little oomph. A single flower pin can do wonders, honestly. And if you're going the linen route, think about a crisp white dress shirt with an open collar. Beach weddings are one occasion where ties are totally optional—just make sure to check with your fiancée first...

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Getting married at a winery? Way to cut out the middleman...

When your setting likely to steal the show, you've got to dress for the occasion. Weddings at a vineyard – or in gardens – call for beautiful, sharp wedding suit separates. Start with a modern men’s suit jacket or blazer – with tie or bow-tie – and then pull back the mood with slim dress chinos (like our classic Highbury).

Casual wedding attire is totally a thing, even for grooms, but don't go neglecting the details. Make sure you match your tie with your pocket square, and your cufflinks with your watch. One other thing you might want to include: a topcoat. Because the one day you don't want to battle the elements is your Big Day.

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The Finishing Touches

Getting married at a vineyard calls for your smartest take on smart casual.

Don't shy away from bold floral wedding ties, or a punchy pocket square. As for colours, this season it's all about khaki greens and neutral tans.

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Traditional Men's
wedding Suits

Classic gets a bad rap, because people often confuse 'classic' with 'stuffy'. We're here to prove them wrong. It's called 'classic' for a reason guys: this stuff never goes out of style.
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So you're thinking a classic men’s wedding suit? Good for you. Our three-piece suits are versatile and flattering, and you can style them in a couple of different directions. Windowpane checks and skinny, tailored fits are a fresh take on the traditional navy suit. And with rich colours and subtle patterns, they’re an easy way to upgrade your standard grey ensemble. Pro tip: grey three-piece suits can come off a tad corporate.

Three-piece wedding suits come with other benefits, too. The look won't age (even if the photos do) and you can easily remove your jacket while dancing – without looking like a slob. Did we mention they look razor sharp?

The Finishing Touches

When you're going for a classic wedding look, you have two big moves to play – so play them well.

First things first, your shirt. You can give the classic look a modern twist with a slim-cut white dress shirt. This is our personal choice. Your suit will fit better, there’s no extra bulk cramping your style, and you can ditch the jacket when the dancing heats up.

Second, your tie and pocket square will determine whether your men's wedding fashion is nice…or next level. Think carefully about the time of year you're getting married: reach for punchy floral accessories in the spring and summer, and cool, sophisticated tones in the chilly months. Don't shy away from rich autumnal tones, either. They're super popular right now.

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and now,
the other guys

Yep, groomsmen need wedding suits too. And nothing says 'awkward wedding photos' like mismatched groomsmen.

There's a couple of ways to go here. If you're the independent type, take a look at your wedding suit and give it a gentle remix. Maybe a different tie for the groomsmen, a complementary vest instead of a jacket, or a simple boutonniere.

If you'd rather leave these details to the professionals (that's us), we recommend a complimentary style consultation in-store. Honestly, this can save so many headaches down the track—and it's pretty fun, too. We can accommodate any sized party and work around your schedules. Even better? The beers are on us.

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From Guest-to-Best

Congrats: you've been invited to a wedding! Now what the heck are you going to wear?

Maybe you're a dashing plus-one. Maybe you just missed the groomsman cut-off (commiserations, pal). Either way, being the best-dressed guest at a wedding is something you never forget.

If you want to catch some eyes on the dance floor, start with your wedding suit. And the easiest way to rise above the wedding masses is to ditch the traditional navy or grey. Those tones are both totally fine, but there’s plenty of room for experimentation.

In summer, reach for bright, light tones and accessories: think florals, crisp whites, and box-fresh leather shoes. Attending a wedding in the cooler months? We think that our cocktail wedding suit collection has a piece (or three) that might catch your eye.