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How to Style a Roll Neck Sweater 

Thursday 14 Apr 2022


The turtleneck sweater is the embodiment of vintage cool. Flick back through the history books, and you’ll see it donned by the likes of Elvis Presley, Muhammad Ali, John Lennon and many more. 

Featuring roll neck sweater outfit Featuring Roll Neck Outfit

The Dezra roll neck is our modern take on the timeless classic, with its greatest strength being its versatility. Made from 100% cotton and a lightweight knit, the Dezra roll neck is perfect for layering and can easily be integrated into either casual or formal outfits. 

The roll neck also ticks the boxes for both form and function. It'll ward off the wind and winter chill during the colder months and beyond, all while cultivating a suave and stylish appearance. You’ve got virtually infinite outfit combinations to pick from when you have a Dezra roll neck in your wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed fit or a formal look, our roll neck does it all. 


Wearing the roll neck with a suit 

Statement look featuring the textured chocolate window pane blazer

The Dezra roll neck combined with a trim, tailored suit makes for an elegant, dapper combination. One of our favourite ways to incorporate these two elements is with a colour block. Try matching a dark green roll neck with a dark green suit jacket and pants. The colours are synonymous with falling leaves and the change of seasons – finish the outfit with either black leather boots or brown loafers, and you’re all set for a night out on the town.

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Windowpane suit and white roll neck sweater

The roll neck can also be used as a statement piece to accentuate the checks on a windowpane suit. This look utilises an off-white roll neck to highlight the subtle checks on the Barrett Tailored suit jacket and matching pants. If the weather calls for an extra outer layer, add a dark trench coat to keep the vibe sharp and clean.

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Styling the Roll Neck with Casual Outerwear 

Black Dezra Neck matched with the Stanford Blazer

Time to mix things up. The black Dezra roll neck plays a supporting role for this outfit, with the spotlight focused on the Stanford Blazer with its dynamic houndstooth checking. Keep it classy with the black Foscop jersey pants, and add a pair of white Solano leather trainers to finish things off. 

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Brown Dezra Roll Neck matched with Hadrian Peacoat

The colour brown heralds the change of seasons, and pairs easily with a wide range of colours. This look champions brown through the Dezra roll neck, the Hadrian Peacoat and the Chelsea boots. Break up the colour block with a pair of neutral chinos, and add a tan scarf for additional texture for those extra cold days. 

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Dark Roll Neck Dezra paired with off-white trench coat

A dark roll neck blends well with both darker and light shades. This look features the brown roll neck paired with an off-white trench coat, with a hint of the chocolate windowpane blazer peeking out. Add a pair of light or dark chinos and matching taupe boots, and you’ve got an outfit that’s sleek, smart and stylish. 

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White roll neck dezra paired with dark green jacket and light grey pants

This look utilises the roll neck in a more relaxed manner. A neutral roll neck acts as the perfect canvas to paint with other colours – namely the dark green suede jacket and the light grey suit pants. Footwear is completely up to you; both light and dark shades work equally well with this outfit. If you’re chasing a more relaxed feel, swap out the dress pants for chinos. 

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How to style the roll neck for black tie 

Black Dezra roll neck paired with Brooklyn Tuxedo Jacket

The roll neck can be used in a variety of different palettes, including all black. That doesn’t mean your outfit can’t stand out though – the satin strips and unique Jacquard fabrication on the Brooklyn Tuxedo Jacket help separate the rest of the pieces for this stealthy look.  

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Bradley Mcleannan
Cut & Sew Designer

Bradley Mclennan has worked in the fashion industry for over 11 years, gaining experience in menswear, womenswear, kidswear, and intimates. As a seasoned Designer, he is passionate about advancing sustainability and pushing the boundaries of print and pattern. Outside of the office, Bradley enjoys interior design, jazz music, and renovating.