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Business to Bar in
5 Winning Friday Night Outfits

Friday 7 December 2019

TGIF. Friday is that magical day where work melts away into the weekend. But Friday night outfits can also throw a spanner in the works.

Taking your style from corporate to cocktail attire for men is tricky. How does one look refined during office hours, with enough flair to stride straight into the off-duty action? Save your Clark Kent moves, you don’t have to hide your heroic weekend look underneath a plain suit.

One look really can do it all — with just a bit of know-how. No matter your plans, here’s what to wear on a Friday night to impress both your boss and your dinner date.


The date night

What's more romantic than flowers? The floral shirt has a way of nailing first impressions at the bar and the boardroom. A smaller print delivers the perfect casual shirt design for when someone’s cruelly scheduled a big client meeting at 4 o’clock.

Simply dress it up with a tie with a sterling tie bar. On your way out of the office, ditch the tie and you’re ready for a night on the town with that special someone.


The martini hour

When the invite calls for black tie, we’re all about the convertible shirt cuff. We’ve done the hard yards with our shirt design so you can swap your fine office shirt to luxe French cuffs. Choosing a shirt with a textured stripe or floral pattern also gives your look some pre-event interest.

That way you can still look sharp without a jacket at work, before throwing on the jacket and bow tie to go full casino royale when cocktail hour arrives.


The all-nighter

The party season is here and it’s time to go all in. But what to wear to a club for men that’ll look equally respectable for work? A blazer. A knit blazer can tame the loudest of shirts for the 9-to-5.

Ours have a cheeky chest pocket that can pull out to create a pocket square. That way, you can turn the volume up when it’s time to hit the clubs.


The chill-out session

Whether it’s over a brew at the pub or a night game at the footy, it’s time to catch up with mates and relax. For an off duty look that’s on point for the work day as well, the polo shirt is your friend.

They’re the perfect answer to ‘what to wear with chinos’ at the office, and soft cotton fabrics stay comfy for the night. Pair it with mens jacket styles like a fresh bomber jacket, and we’d call that a win-win for work and play.


day to night suiting

Who knows what your night, or day will bring? For this reason, our mens suit styles are relaxed yet right on point. Signature modern tailoring in always the right

shades, they’ll have you closing deals and celebrating afterwards with style and ease. Pair it with a modern geo print shirt for a future-ready Friday night outfit.