Make the cut

Here’s something you’ve heard before: fit is everything.

Whether you’re wearing a custom suit, an assortment of mens designer suits or something sharp off the rack, if the fit isn’t right, nothing else will be.

Our modern tailoring suits are designed to fit like bespoke tailoring, wear comfortably from day to night, and mix-and-match handsomely with your smart casual wardrobe.

Best of all, there is a great range of suiting available to purchase as a separate, meaning you can pick the size of both your jacket and trousers, rather than buying a single size.

Here’s how it fits.

  • The Shoulder

    1. The Shoulder

    We’ve updated the traditional, square suit shoulder with a finer, more relaxed feel. The natural shoulder pad will still give you a sharp, tailored edge, but feel a little more modern.

  • The Jacket

    2. The Jacket

    The first thing you’ll notice when you put on a modern tailoring jacket? It’s light. We’ve kept the fusing minimal so it has a more natural flow and fit. In these suit jackets, you’ll feel more mobile and nimble – but not at the expense of polish.

  • The Jacket Length

    3. The Jacket Length

    One of the biggest mistakes men make when they wear their tailored suit jacket with casual pants? The jacket is too damn long. We’ve shortened the length of our modern tailoring jackets, so they look just as sharp with chinos as they do a full suit.

  • The Button

    4. The Button

    The decision to go for a one or two-buttoned suit is important – and we’ve given you the choice. A single- buttoned suit is a more modern look, and its deeper v lengthens the torso, making it a perfect suit for men on all heights. A two-buttoned suit brings the attention up to the chest – ideal for broader, athletic men, or for those who want to draw less attention to their waist.

  • The Lapel

    5. The Lapel

    Here, you’ll find slightly wider lapels – this is a power fit, not a skinny fit. Broader suit lapels make you look (and feel) broad. We’ve streamlined the finish, too. The overall effect? Distinctly modern style.

  • The Waist

    6. The Waist

    We’ve given the modern tailoring suit jacket a straighter cut that plays nicely with its shorter length. Rather than being super-tapered, it sits sharp and comfortable – and the double vent on the back means it will stay that way. Bonus: a double vent means more ventilation on warm days – exactly what we look for in summer suits.

  • The Wrist

    7. The Wrist

    Most of our modern tailoring jackets break tradition by having a single button on the sleeve cuff – keeping things clean and sophisticated.

  • The Stretch

    8. The Stretch

    Every suit jacket and tailored pant in our collection has built-in stretch. Translation? Jump on a bike. Walk to a meeting. Bend, stretch, and move as you please: the modern tailoring line-up is designed to keep up with your lifestyle.

  • The Trouser

    9. The Trouser

    Pleats? Nope. Our flat front suit pants are smarter, sharper and more polished, thanks to fewer distractions.

  • The Break

    10. The Break

    Look in any stylish city centre around the world, and you’ll see men of style rocking a shorter suit trouser. Why? It’s modern, it’s streamlined and, most importantly, it shows off your shoes. These suit pants will pair perfectly with brogues, oxfords, sneakers, and everything in between.