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When it comes time for a man to buy a suit, he needs to think about things a little. Is this suit for a wedding? Is it an office suit? A date night suit?

Our vote: buy a tailored suit that can do all of the above, and more. Even better, our modern tailoring collection has been designed to fit like a tailor made suit, right off the rack.

When you’re looking to enter the brave, stylish new world of modern office style, the smartest move is to pick a few wildly versatile colours, then mix and match.

navy suits
First up: navy. Forget the inky navy shades of your father’s custom suits. Brighter blues are the new navy suit. Take a moment to consider your complexion – your skin tone and hair colour – and choose your shade of blue suit.

And listen, there’s a reason why navy blues are the cornerstone of every good collection of tailored suits. The blue suit has an built-in advantage: it helps bring out the tones of everything else you’re wearing, helping brown leather pop and crisp white shirts take charge. (That’s why navy blues tend to make brilliant wedding suits.)

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Next up, opt for a charcoal or grey suit. It’s a must-have option for day to night style, and a staple of men’s suiting since, well, forever.

Deeper greys will feel polished and formal, while lighter grey suits are a little more modern, and perfectly complement men with a dark complexion. Our advice: a grey suit jacket looks especially punchy when pared back with denim or chinos.

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Grey Suits