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Friday 20 May 2022


5 minutes with AFL star Will Hayward 

5 Minutes with Will Hayward 5 Minutes with Will Hayward

When Sydney Swans forward Will Hayward isn’t kicking goals, he’s busy killing it in the fashion game. We checked in and asked some rapid-fire questions about his personal style, motivations and what his life outside footy looks like. 

"A well-fitted suit is my go-to for special occasions"

- Will Hayward, Footballer



Will Hayward outside wearing black tuxedo suit and white shirt Gif of Will Hayward wearing black tuexedo suit and white button up shirt

Q: Do you have a top memorable moment wearing a suit?  

So far, my favourite moment wearing a suit was definitely at the GQ Man of The Year Awards. 

Q: Who was the most famous person you’ve ever met,
and what were you wearing at the time?  

The most famous person I’ve met was LaMelo Ball, a professional NBA player. I was wearing an all-black suit then – I'm usually more of a black and white guy, so I would have changed the shirt! 

Q: Do you have a favourite dinner outfit? 

If it’s a casual dinner, my usual go-to is a plain linen shirt with some nice pants and sneakers. 

Will Hayward outside wearing black puffer jacket, black knit hoodie, black jeans and boots Gif of Will Hayward wearing black buffer jacket, black knite hoddies, black jeans and black boots

Q: Do you have a favourite coffee order?  

A strong almond cappuccino, hands down. 

Q: What do you like to wear through winter? 

I usually like to keep cosy and warm with a hoodie and a puffer jacket, paired with some loose chinos and jeans. 

Q: How would you describe your everyday fashion style?  

My day-to-day style usually revolves around a casual, athletic look. My go-to pieces are tracksuit shorts, a baggy t-shirt and comfy sneakers. My favourite colour for clothes is grey, followed closely by blue.  

Will Hayward outside wearing cream suit and blue button up shirt Gif of Will Hayward wearing cream suit and blue button up shirt

Q: How do you psych yourself up before a game? 

 I don’t really try to psych myself up, actually! I usually try and stay as relaxed as possible – I find that helps me perform better on the field. 

Q: What motivates you to perform at your best?

Team success is my main source of motivation – my main goal driving me is to win a premiership with my teammates.  

Q: What does your average weekend look like?   

Pretty chill. It usually involves walking the dog, catching up with my mates and spending time with my girlfriend Vic.  

Will Hayward outside wearing white knit, Khaki utility jacket, blue jeans and brown boots Gif of Will Hayward wearing whote knit, Khaki Utility Jacket, blue jeans and brown boots

Q: The trending colours of this season are burgundy,
dark green and chocolate. How would you rank them?  

I’ve been a fan of green lately – it's a nice change of pace from the usual darker winter colours. I’d pick dark green, chocolate, then burgundy.  

Q: Last and most important question, think fast. Jelly, ice cream,
fruit salad and custard – list these in order of your preference. 

Ice cream, fruit salad, jelly and custard. 


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