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How to wear chinos this season

Monday 16 August 2021


There aren’t many occasions in life where you can’t wear chinos. Okay, playing high-stakes poker in Monte Carlo, you might want to throw on some slacks, but otherwise the humble chino will get the job done. We’ve built a big range of different chinos over the years, and most of them are picked out in POLITIX’s signature stretch-cotton with double back pockets and a zip fly. They’re versatile, stretchy and cut slim for that classic tapered leg. But there’s more to the humble chino than meets the eye. Dress chinos, jogger chinos, casual chinos, commuter work chinos—we’ve got a style for every occasion. Get ready to stretch those legs.




There’s another reason to get excited about POLITIX chino styles. Lots of our chinos come with their own matching belt. This is obviously a sweet money saving, but it also removes the whole which-belt-goes-with-which-pants conundrum. For the Winsor, we’ve taken a spin on the old pin buckle belt, but with a little more texture and personality. For styles like the Tasman, we’ve gone with a more laid-back, woven knit design. You don’t have to wear a belt with chinos (especially if you’re rocking jogger chinos with a drawstring waist), but it’s a quick way to elevate the overall look. 




Every bloke has a pair of navy chinos in the cupboard somewhere, but as we move into Spring and Summer, you’re going to see more interesting colours.

Our classic Winsor and Helston chinos now come in dozens of shades. You can set these off with a paisley shirt, for that weekend-cocktail-party vibe, or dress things down with a simple polo. Very handy for the golf course. Don’t forget earth tones like dark khaki, tan and bone, either. These look extra good on our casual Tasman or Gambier chinos.  

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With the rise of athleisure and the whole global pandemic thing, we’ve launched a brand new range of chinos: jogger chinos. These guys are halfway between sweats and chino pants. They’re woven from a special blend of cotton, viscose and elastane, for extra stretch and comfort, and they sit much lower than your standard casual chino. The important thing with Chermside joggers is not to slob about (at least, not too much). We deliberately gave these guys a tapered hem, zipped back pockets and a belt loop, to keep the whole thing looking sharp.



Looking slim

How slim is too slim when it comes to chinos? That’s a decision every guy has to make for himself (usually based on personal taste and, let’s be frank, how often you miss Leg Day).

The classic Politix cut is what we call ‘slim tapered fit’. It’s got a mid-rise seat, so you can bend and move around easily, and tapers down from the knee to the hem. Good for dress boots, high-top sneakers or anything in between. 

Slim-tapered looks good no matter what chinos you’re wearing, from dress chinos like the Highbury to more casual styles like the Gambier.

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Some people reckon ‘dress chinos’ is an oxymoron. But you’d be surprised what some sharp tailoring and the right accessories can do. We’ve actually got three distinct dress chino styles at POLITIX: the classic Winsor, the versatile Helston, and the fancy Highbury. These guys are all cut slim from a mostly cotton blend, and they’re made to be worn with suit jackets and blazers. Hell, you could even do a spin on Black Tie if you wanted to – just match some jet black Highburys with a plum velvet tuxedo jacket and black loafers. Dress chinos are more structured than your standard casual chino. Treat them like smart-casual suit pants. 




We’re all about earth tones in Winter. This is when you bust out your casual chinos in dark khaki, rust, tan, bone and navy. When the weather cools down, match them with heavy knits, casual jackets (Trucker jackets, puffy bombers and knit coats are all great) and some chunky sneakers. If you’re looking for a slightly dressier vibe, chuck on some Chelsea boots and a grey peacoat. 



Stepping out in summer chinos 

When the weather heats up, you should really be rocking chino shorts, but sometimes you still need to bust out the full-length chino (shorts to a wedding isn’t really going to fly). Remember, you can’t get away with layers in summer, which means it’s all down to fit. Your chinos should be snug, but not tight, and tapering right down to the ankle. Look for tonal polo shirts, relaxed, good quality tees, and some clean white sneakers. That’s your basic summer chino starter kit.