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Styled for: Anywhere

What’s new for Autumn/Winter 2020

Friday 14 December 2019

Don’t even bother with your weather app. Honestly. When Australia moves from summer into autumn, all meteorological bets are off. Dress for sun and you’re going to get rain. Chuck on a hat and you’ll be chasing it all day long.

As we head into autumn and winter, it’s better to be styled for anywhere. Dressing for the occasion and what makes you comfortable, rather than following trends or studying cloud patterns. That’s actually the overarching theme for our autumn collection this year: styled for anywhere.

It means rocking up to pretty much anything – after work drinks, Sunday golf with the guys, your boss’s 25th wedding anniversary – and thinking, “Yep, I’ve got this.”

Styled for the season

So what’s looking big for autumn 2020? We’re drawing inspiration from two key trends right now: the natural world and America’s Ivy League (but think suave and sophisticated, not beer pong and frat houses).

These aren’t one-size-fits-all outfits. The idea is to play around with different colours and textures, match blazers and chinos with shirts and textured polos, until you find something that feels like you.


The Natural World

Earthy, autumnal tones are going to be big this year. Lots of warm tans and caramels, with cheeky splashes of wine, teal and burnt orange. We’re even playing with subtle animal prints…if you can call a leopard-print black velvet tux “subtle”.

This mellow, natural palette can take you almost anywhere. Road tripping with the guys? Maybe a tan bomber, white polo and petrol chinos will do the trick. Need something with a bit more oomph? Check out our new plum velvet tuxedo jacket. It’s got ‘oomph’ written all over it.

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The Ivy League

And on the flipside, we reckon now’s the perfect time to find your inner collegiate...but not your inner beer pong champion. Think smart, sophisticated, gentlemanly style. Something that can move from the boardroom to the bar. A little starchy, but with some old-school swagger too.

For this collection, we’re turning to heritage textures like houndstooth and Prince of Wales, and we’ve even dropped our first slim-fit, pin-stripe suit (for that retro 1980s-Wall-Street sort of vibe). You’re also going to see a lot of bomber jackets, lightweight knitwear and tucked-in polos. Perfect for the golf course.


Built for utility

Our four-pocket utility jacket comes in three colours this season (tan, navy and burgundy) but keep an eye out for our personal favourite: the new black and white houndstooth. They’re all half-lined for extra comfort, with ergonomic sleeves (so there’s no need for alterations).

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Back in Black

You know what? Black tie needs a shake-up. This season we’ve launched four new velvet jackets (tan, purple, midnight and wine), plus a leopard-print tux that’s basically built to raise eyebrows. For something more low-key, check out our casual jackets in luxe, tuxedo fabrics. They’re sort of Black Tie restyled.


Blazing a trail

Heads up, double breasted blazers are back this year, along with heritage textures like houndstooth and Prince of Wales. For key colours, think neutral: stone and tan will see you through pretty much any social situation.


Time to suit up

Ah, here it is. The return of the navy slim-cut pin-stripe suit. We can practically hear the ring of chunky, 1980s car phones. For seasonal colour highlights, look to petrol and burgundy. They’re going to big this year.

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Chino? New.

Our classic cotton-stretch chinos are back for autumn, with new earthy colours like tan, teal, petrol, wine and khaki. We’ve also introduced a new utility cargo chino style. And did we mention every pair of Winsor’s now come with its own webbed belt?

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Keep your shirt on

Get ready to meet The Kew: our first 100% Australian Cotton business shirt (which you can get in pink or sky blue). Paisley and Jacobean florals are still great for peacocking, but we’ve also released textured business shirts in Prince of Wales, micro-Oxford and Bengal stripe. Classy as.


Down to a tee

Our t-shirt collection carries through those autumnal colours: burgundy, tan, navy and white. But we’ve also launched a range of crew-neck tees, which look mint underneath a blazer or bomber (depending on the occasion). There’s a new permanent offer, too: you can now get any two t-shirts for $79 bucks.