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Suit Up

Friday 7 March 2020

Which suits to wear this winter.

Men’s winter suiting isn’t necessarily about following trends. It’s about building a solid collection that can get you through the season. Something with a bit of variety, so you’re comfortable shifting gears: from ‘Job Interview’ to ‘Friday Night’ to ‘After-Work Gin Bar’. You want suits that make you feel confident when you reach for them on Monday morning. Suits that can slip into your winter rotation without too much fuss.

This year we’re going back to heritage: charcoal windowpane checks, three-piece monochrome houndstooth, and classic Prince of Wales (also known as the trusty Glen Plaid). There’s a reason these styles have been around for decades. They’re not about chasing trends – they’re about setting the tone.


Check it out

Every guy needs at least one good check suit. It’s a basic corporate necessity, like printer paper. The key accent colours this year are tan and burgundy (look for them in the jacket lining, pocket chief and button detail). You can either lean into the tonal look, with a slim-fit burgundy shirt, or go classic monochrome: just match a charcoal windowpane check with a white shirt and black tie.

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Feeling blue

Yep, the classic blue suit is back, and there’s plenty of shades to play with. Most guys already have one or ttwo blue suits in rotation, but we’re guessing ‘petrol’ isn’t one of them. It’s going to be the key colour this winter. When it comes to your shirt, you can either play it safe with a crisp white (nothing wrong with that), or go for a more tonal look: try a sky-blue shirt, brown belt and dark brown loafers.


Find your fit

Finding your fit is 90 per cent of the battle when it comes to suits, so think about your silhouette. POLITIX suits come in three main fits: Ultra Slim, Slim and Regular. They’re all made from comfortable stretch fabric, but Slim and Ultra Slim are going to hug your body more closely, with a sharp taper through the waste and leg. Our Regular suits are still tapered, but there’s a bit more room to move.

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Guys often get intimidated by the three-piece suit, but it’s really not that scary. You don’t have to be a CEO to pull-off a vest. Expect to see a lot more three-piece suits around town this winter, especially in classic grey and heritage houndstooth.



Suiting accessories often get overlooked, but they’re an essential bit of kit. Especially in winter, when you’re going to be layering a lot more. This year, think about expanding your collection with paisley shirts and modern florals. Nothing too crazy – you don’t want to look like a garden show. The trick is to follow your suit: look for subtle florals that pick up those accent colours, especially blue, tan and burgundy.