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Men's Fashion

Working From Anywhere

Friday 7 March 2020

How to dress for the modern office.

Here's a quick way to tell if you're working in a 'modern office'. Is working from home the new norm? Have you got a fridge stocked with never-ending craft beer? Is there a designated Chillout Zone with beanbags and Super Nintendo? Congratulations: you're working in the office of the future. Dressing for the modern office requires more lateral thinking than your standard two-piece suit. 

You have more flexibility with cuts, styles and fabrics, but all that choice gets kind of confusing. Are chinos okay? How do you match a blazer correctly? What exactly is a suiting 'separate' anyway? Don't stress. We've put together this winter style guide to help you navigate the winding corridors of 'business casual'. First step: loosen that tie.



Blaze Your Trail

If there's one clutch piece for the modern office, it's the humble blazer. A solid blazer works almost anywhere with almost anything: you can wear it with chinos, polo shirts or denim jeans. It looks good in a boardroom or a brewery. This winter, check out our new tri-colour knit blazers, especially in seasonal tones like tan, burgundy, petrol and grey. Pick accessories that bring out those accent colours.




A lot of POLITIX suits are now sold as 'separates', which just means you can buy the pants or jacket on their own. This is great news for the modern office, because it lets you match key seasonal fabrics (like houndstooth, Prince of Wales and windowpane checks) with simple chinos or slim-fit denim jeans. Complete the dressed-down look with some leather loafers and a sharp belt.




When you're holding a POLITIX suit jacket or tri-colour blazer, cast your eye over the finer details. Notice the internal stitching and 100% recycled polyester lining. See the way we've matched the lapel pins and pull-out pocket chiefs. It's little features like this that stop 'modern office' slipping into 'weekend casual'. You can relax the corporate style, while still looking sharp and put-together.




When it comes to modern office shirts, you've got room to get creative. Of course you can stick with an open-collar, block-colour business shirt. There's absolutely zero with that. But have a look at paisleys and modern florals, too. Even polos and roll-neck knits can work with the right blazer. It's all about striking that fine balance between Relaxed Casual and Monday Meeting. If in doubt, err on the side of corporate.




Winter office accessories are pretty consistent, whether you're wearing a three-piece suit or a blazer-and-chino combination. Just make sure you're not skewing too casual. Our new wool blend coats and peacoats make great layering pieces — but save that quilted nylon jacket for the weekend roadtrip. Grab yourself a charcoal knit scarf, too. It works with pretty much every outfit (not to mention keeping your neck toasty).