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Men's Summer Shoes | Trends 2021/22

Monday 25 October 2021


A guide to men's summer shoes

Summer is here and we’re ready to shed those winter layers, in more ways than one. As the weather heats up, switch out coats for shirts, jumpers for tees and trousers for shorts. But what about the shoes? Sure, you could carry on wearing Chelsea boots all summer, but for those 40-degree days you might need something lighter and cooler (that isn’t beaten-up thongs). Here at Politix we’ve got you covered with our range of men’s summer shoes for all occasions, from everyday staples to smart casual footwear, so you can stay cool and stylish from head to toe. Welcome to our best summer shoes for men.



The Summer Trainer

Let’s start with the basics. A pair of leather trainers (aka sneakers) are super versatile. You can wear these guys with almost any outfit – even a lightweight summer suit. A light-coloured trainer adds freshness and an easygoing cool factor to your ensemble. It’s also a very breathable men’s summer shoe. Our Solano leather trainers are made from a soft leather and half-lined for extra comfort and flexibility. We’ve gone for an off-white ecru colour instead of a stark, blinding white – it’s an easier wear and way less fuss when it comes to cleaning. You can wear leather trainers with whatever you like, shorts or jeans, but don’t forget to show them off by rolling up the hem or cropping the trousers.



The Fly Knit Driver

Another everyday men’s summer shoe staple is the fly knit driver. They’re as comfortable as the trainers, but without the hassle of laces. The beauty of drivers are the rubber soles, which provide extra grip and stability while driving (or wandering the cobbled lanes of Europe looking for a kebab). Our Antoni drivers are crafted from a two-tone fly knit material, flexible and breathable, with leather and suede trimmings. This give you a hybrid summer shoe that feels more like a foot glove. And the best part is that you don’t have to compromise on style for comfort. You can have a bit of fun with the colours, too. Just match a tonal shade with your outfit, or throw on a white pair to make your feet really pop. Definitely one of our favourite men’s casual summer shoes.

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The Mens Espadrilles

If you’re looking for the best summer shoes for men, keep an eye out for espadrilles. These guys started way back in Spain as core workwear worn by soldiers and peasants – practical, reliable, easy to make, and cheap. They were also perfect for hotter climates, since they were originally woven from canvas upper, making them super lightweight and breathable. So, what makes an espadrille different to your regular loafer? Well, it’s all in the sole: a jute, rope-braided sole that gives these shoes their distinguished summery look, like you just stepped off a yacht in Saint Tropez.


This summer we’ve elevated our espadrilles with buttery smooth, lightweight suede leather uppers and a rubber outsole underneath the jute – keeping things lightweight but way more durable. Espadrilles are probably the best men’s casual summer shoes with shorts. Just throw them under some chino shorts and finish things off with a white or khaki open-collared linen shirt.



The Leather Drivers

Once upon a time, drivers were worn by affluent guys driving Italian sports cars through the Alps. These days, everyday guys wear them for comfort, flexibility and style. They’re one of the best summer shoes for men, but not all drivers are created equal. You’ve seen the fly knit casual driver (scroll up if you missed it), but there’s also leather and suede drivers to consider. These guys offer the same comfort and practicality as the fly knit, but add that something extra, elevating your summer look from ‘beach’ to ‘bar’ to ‘boardroom’. They’re an excellent choice for summer business casual shoes. You can have a bit of fun with drivers, too: just pick a pair with tassels or geo embossing, then match them with your summer chino shorts or white pants. Job done.  

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The Penny Loafer

If you’re looking for men’s fashion shoes for summer, start with the not-so-humble penny loafer. Loafers are perfect for most semi-formal to formal occasions. They’re incredibly versatile, too. You can slide into a pair of these from morning to night, office to date night. Dress them up or down. Classic in its shape, with a cut-out vamp strap (that’s what makes them pennies). For men’s summer shoes, we like to go with a pair of half-lined, suede loafers. They tend to be lighter weight and more breathable (good for those sweaty days) and the contrast of soft suede and hard wooden outsole gives your outfit that elegant vibe. Just pair them with your favourite suit and a floral shirt and you’re off to the races..



The Black Tie Loafer

Finally, when the occasion calls and you don’t want to be strapped down with heavy, lace-up dress shoes, there’s the black tie loafer. Our Adrano slip-on loafers are crafted in a high-shine Saffiano patent leather with a braided apron strap. They’re that perfect balance between luxury and comfort, personality and practicality. You may need to take off that jacket to step onto the dance floor, but these guys will do just fine (they might even help your moonwalk). When guys think men’s summer shoes, they’re not usually thinking black tie, but it pays to be prepared, especially when IRL events start cranking up again.  


07FAQs for summer shoes


What kind of shoes do men wear in summer?

Anything lightweight and stylish. What we’re really trying to do is get you out of the ‘thongs with everything’ mindset. There’s a whole world of summer shoes for men out there: espadrilles, penny loafers, fly knit drivers, good quality men’s sandals, leather sneakers, the works. 


What shoes are in for men in 2021?

Slip-ons of all types (espadrilles, loafers, drivers, moccasins and boat shoes) are definitely having a moment right now. Mixing textures, colours and materials is also a big one, so lookout for suede loafers, or contrast rubber soles. When it comes to colour, you’ve got your classic summer whites and navies, but don’t be afraid to experiment with earthy tones like khaki, bottle green, tan and burgundy.


How many summer shoes do I need?

How long is a shoe lace? It’s always going to be down to your personal preference (and budget). We generally recommend at least three pairs of men’s summer shoes. Maybe some espadrilles (for the beach), leather trainers (for general day-to-day wear) and some nice leather penny loafers (for summer garden parties, or anything formal). That should see you through the hotter months, no worries.


Should I go with socks or no socks?

A good pair of cotton socks can help with the sweat while keeping your feet cool. You just need to make sure they’re lightweight and not too thick. Socks can also help with blistering, especially when you’re trying to break in a new pair of summer leather shoes. Invisible or no-show socks are best for men’s casual summer shoes, like loafers and drivers. And even though you can’t see them, try and have some fun with stripes and pops of colour (this cheeky two pack is just the ticket). 



Fern Chen, Designer

Growing up in New Zealand, Fern Chen loved fashion and textiles. Fern joined the Politix design team in 2018 after building her fashion career in London, working with top European designers. She brings tonnes of menswear experience, along with a keen eye for detail (when it comes to men's clothes, nothing gets past Fern). Her favourite part of the job? Seeing her designs come to life on Politix customers.