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Men's winter shirt guide 2022 

Friday 22 April 2022


When it comes to winter shirts, there's a tonne of options to consider if you’re keen to make a style statement. From warm flannel overshirts to smart polos, there are plenty of different shirt fabrics, styles and textures to choose from. Feeling overwhelmed with choice? We’ve got good news: we’re here to help. Here’s how to pick the perfect winter shirt this season.



What kinds of shirt styles are there? 

There are a few common shirt styles that flourish in the colder weather. Apart from the evergreen dress shirt, consider adding these to your rotation: 

Model wearing a flannel shirt from Politix

Flannel Shirt

Flannel shirts are much more than the check pattern they’re usually known for. Our flannel shirts are made from lightweight cotton and feature a smooth, brushed finish – something you don’t normally experience with traditional flannel shirts.

Model wearing a green polo short sleeve shirt

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are a simple way to bring a touch of class to your outfit. They pair perfectly with almost any bottoms, too. Polo’s are a core part of our winter wardrobe.  With extra detailing and smooth surface finish - polo’s are a premium alternative to a casual shirt.

Model wearing navy linen politix shirt

Linen Shirts

Linen's lightweight and comfortable texture makes it the most sought-after fabric from Byron to Broome. Linen shirts are great for all occasions and are a perfect match for autumn weather and beyond. They’re a chameleon in the wardrobe and can be dressed up or dressed down. Linen is perfect for the warmer winter climates - beach wedding staple. 

Model wearing blue denim chambray shirt worn with navy tie

Chambray shirts

While these shirts may look like denim, Chambray is made from a dyed cotton fabric. It’s lighter and more breathable than denim, and much softer to boot. A double denim look is easier to pull off when half of your outfit is chambray, so consider making this a wardrobe go-to. 

Model wearing a navy shacket from Politix


Made from thicker material than your standard shirt, overshirts are a popular alternative to a jacket or coat. Wear them when it’s cold enough to warrant an outer layer without the extra thickness and padding. 

Model wearing burgundy twill shirt paired with jeans from Politix

The Twill Shirt

The new go-to in dress up/dress down style. Available in five Autumn-inspired colours. A seasonal solution for an effortless look on the weekend or a smart casual office essential. The supersoft mid-weight fabric lends a touch of winter luxe. 


02What shirt colours look best this season? 


A fool-proof way to choose the right colour for your shirt is to simply match the season. As autumn and winter rolls around, lean towards darker colours – black, brown, dark green and navy. Darker colours are also easier to match, which means you’ll spend less time fussing in front of your wardrobe. Shop Shirts

white cable knit


Style advice 

Styling Button-up Shirts 
Model wearing button up shirt with floral prints Model wearing button up shirt with floral prints

Button-up shirts are incredibly versatile. Depending on the print, they can easily fit into any setting – weddings, parties, work, you name it. That being said, it’s not as easy as slapping on any old, buttoned shirt and calling it a day. Your shirt’s fit plays a huge role in determining whether your outfit comes off as suave, or not quite on the money.

Our Edisson shirt, the most flexible shirt in our range, is our solution to this problem. It's now available in regular fit (as well as slim), meaning that guys of all body shapes can now find their perfect shirt with ease. The regular Edisson fit has a wider collar and extra room in the body, complementing the neck and bodies of guys with stockier builds. Pairing a button-up shirt is relatively simple. If you’re wearing a plain, light shirt, opt for dark jeans or chinos. The reverse applies if you choose a darker shirt. Remember, less is more.

Styling Dress Shirts with Floral Prints
Model wearing dark navy floral shirt with paisley patterns Model wearing dark navy floral shirt with paisley patterns

If you’re wearing a dress shirt with prints, go easy with your choice of pants – choose plain and dark jeans or chinos and let the shirt speak for itself.  Each of our Textured Stretch dress shirts feature unique art that’s designed in Australia. You’ll love how each shirt takes the flexibility and stretch of cotton, without being too thick or boardy.  

These shirts are all about the details. We’ve taken special care in designing the collars. Slimmer collars hide button downs for an elegant display, while full-sized collars are designed to sit perfectly flush against blazer collars. Our new print designs – floral, geo and paisley – will cover you for all the seasons, which means you’ll have no trouble finding your next statement piece. 

Styling Overshirts/Unbuttoned Shirts 
Model wearing a navy Politix shacket Model wearing a navy Politix shacket

Overshirts are perfect for when it’s cold enough to wear an outer layer, but not cold enough to warrant a jacket or coat. They’re a slick and easy item to pair with – simply treat them like any other exterior layer. 

Model wearing a navy twill shirt matched with white t-shirt from Politix Model wearing a navy twill shirt matched with white t-shirt from Politix

If the idea of an overshirt is too heavy for you, you’ll love our Twill shirts as an alternative. They’re extremely lightweight and are woven from 100% cotton. Each shirt also features a premium brushed finish for additional texture and comfort. Our Twill shirts are also available in five different colours – black, brown, dark green, burgundy and navy – which reflect the change of seasons and can easily match into any outfit you’re putting together.  

Bradley Mcleannan
Cut & Sew Designer

Bradley Mclennan has worked in the fashion industry for over 11 years, gaining experience in menswear, womenswear, kidswear, and intimates. As a seasoned Designer, he is passionate about advancing sustainability and pushing the boundaries of print and pattern. Outside of the office, Bradley enjoys interior design, jazz music, and renovating.