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Thursday, 14 October 2021

Which suits should you have in your wardrobe? What colour suit should you buy? We’ve got all your suiting answers right here.

Men’s suiting tends to reflect the seasons, and with summer around the corner, we’re feeling light, colourful and (for the first time in a long time) optimistic. This is when guys should be experimenting with bold and bright tailoring. So where do we start?First, think about your skin tone. Pale skin can get washed out by pastels, so look for bolder shades like grey, brown, bottle green and navy. Darker skin matches well with pretty much everything (you lucky devils) so feel free to go nuts and explore all suit colours: green suits, burgundy suits, pink suits, lilac suits, whatever takes your fancy.

Rule number one: whatever you choose, just make sure your suit is well fitted. A baggy colourful suit will make any guy look like they just moonwalked out of an ‘80s pop video. Stick to single-breasted, stretch-fit jackets (they look less heavy), and think about softer construction: we’re talking wider lapels, patch pockets and minimal shoulder pads. Finish things up with a crisp white shirt, suede loafers and a complementary pocket square. Job done. So which colours are in this season? Let's take a look. 

Men's Suits Guide Men's Suits Guide

01Natural suits


Natural’ isn’t really a colour, but it’s an essential piece of summer wedding kit. Natural suits tend to stick to the white spectrum (without going full, blinding, cricket whites). Think off-whites, cream and eggshell with a slim-stretch fit and notched lapels. Look for breathable fabrics, too, especially linen blends. You can rock this guy with a simple sky blue button-up shirt. It’s great for beach weddings and formal summer drinks. 

Men's Suits Guide Men's Suits Guide

02White suits


Same rule goes for white suits. You’re not actually looking for white-white – you want the creamy, sophisticated shades on either side (pure white is reserved for Bond villains and cocktail waiters). White suit jackets are the driving force behind the monochrome suiting trend, which doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere fast. All you need to complete the look is a black crew tee or sharp black shirt. Finish things off with some clean white sneakers. 

Men's Suits Guide Men's Suits Guide

03Sky blue suits


Relax, you’re in safer territory here. Sky blue suits are the easiest ‘colourful’ suits to pull off. You can match them with a crisp white shirt (for more formal occasions) or some softly laundered white linen. Even better, sky blue suit jackets are pretty much tailor-made for suiting separates. All you need are some tan or navy chinos, tassel loafers and a good leather belt. That outfit’s got summer written all over it. 

Men's Suits Guide Men's Suits Guide

04Green suits


If we had to pick one colour that’s dominating this year’s international trends, it’d be green. All shades of green, but particularly deep khaki and summer olive. Those earthy, bright, in-between shades that complement nearly every skin tone. This look is all about tonal dressing. You can double up green-on-green with a forest green blazer and floral shirt, or try an olive three-piece suit with a navy tie and sharp geo-print.  

Men's Suits Guide Men's Suits Guide

05Tan suits


You’ll also see this shade referred to as ‘camel’ (because it’s the same colour as a camel, we assume – we’re not camel experts). Think of tan as a warmer version of the ‘natural suit’. It’s a killer way to stand out at summer weddings, when 90% of guests will be wearing either grey, navy or black. Tan suits are easy to style, too. Just pick a complementary shade, like sky blue, or go tonal with deeper browns and greens. If you don’t want to commit to the full two-piece, check out our tan separates

Men's Suits Guide Men's Suits Guide

06Burgundy suits


When it comes to suits, avoid red. Red suits are for children’s birthday parties. Burgundy, however, is not red. It’s a sophisticated, elegant, personality-packed colour, and it’s perfect for summer. Burgundy generally matches well with crisp whites, fuchsia, sky blues and dusky pinks. You can rock some white sneakers for more casual events, or whisky loafers around the office. Burgundy is also hands-down our favourite way to spice up black tie. Just throw on a burgundy tux with a white dress shirt and black bow tie. Instant head-turner.   

Men's Suits Guide Men's Suits Guide

07Pink suits


Guys are often hesitant around the pink suit, which is a bit of a shame. It’s such a great summer colour, especially for racing season and garden parties, when you want something light, bright and interesting. The trick with pink is to play things subtle. The pink itself should be a light, dusky, blushing, barely-there kind of shade. Not fluoro pink (you’ll end up looking like fairy floss). Match it with white leather loafers and a simple open-collar white shirt. 

Men's Suits Guide Men's Suits Guide

08Lilac suits


Another bold shade that you won’t see at many weddings. Lilac is technically purple, but it’s a light, breezy, pastel purple (save the bright purple suits for Austin Powers and Halloween). As a colour, lilac tends to suit olive and darker skin tones, and it’s actually quite easy to style. All you have to do is match a lilac suit jacket with navy chinos and brown loafers. That look is perfect for spring races, summer beer gardens and semi-formal cocktail parties. And if anyone asks, it’s “lilac”, not “purple”. 

Men's Suits Guide Men's Suits Guide

Paul Burden, Head of Design

Paul Burden has an infinite wealth of knowledge in men’s style, having worked 30 years in the fashion industry. He’s tuned in and turned up to all the latest trends in Australia and around the world. Paul is our Jedi of men’s fashion and the Head of Design at POLITIX. He draws inspiration from movies and pop culture, always paying homage to classic menswear styling, and believes great style is being confident with what you wear.