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How to wear a trucker jacket


Thursday, 22 April 2021

By Brad Mclennan, Designer


Effortless Style in a Timeless Shape

Menswear has evolved over the centuries, but whatever happens in the next hundred years, we can promise you one thing: the ‘Trucker’ shape will never go out of style.
Since the early 20th century, the Trucker Jacket has decked out soldiers in two World Wars, rebellious teens in the ‘50s, hippies in the ‘60s, and was literally ripped and pinned at the seams by punks in the ‘70s.

Loved by celebrities and working class alike, the Trucker has lasting universal appeal. This is mostly down to versatility and durability, but also straight-up cool factor. James Dean put this guy on the world fashion map.
This year at POLITIX, we’re celebrating the not-so-humble Trucker and giving you some tips and tricks for how to rock one.

brown trucker jacket brown trucker jacket

01 The Trucker Explained in Detail


It’s the icon that doesn’t need an introduction, but hell, we’re going to do one anyway. What is a ‘Trucker’ jacket? And why has it lasted so long? It all started with denim fabric in Europe. Denim was originally created for Italian sailors in the cotton-rich city of Genoa, and was then recreated by the French, who called it “de Nîmes”. Fast forward to the American gold rush and a man called Levi Strauss. He began importing hard-wearing denim fabric and created his famous trousers, which were later called “jeans”.
Suddenly people needed an equally sturdy jacket to sit over their jeans, and the first Trucker Jacket was born in 1905.
This eventually morphed into the Railroad Jacket in 1921, which was—you guessed it—specifically made for rail workers. Over the years, the Trucker style has been reinvented dozens of times, but the working class roots have never changed.
Truckers always come with double pockets, added riveting for strength, and stitch details for rip and repair. These jackets were built to last, and they’re still as relevant today as they were in 1905. Today, the Trucker is available in a wide variety of styles. We’ll break down some of the more common ones below, along with fit and fabric.

brown trucker jacket brown trucker jacket

02 Everyday with the Denim Trucker Jacket


The Denim Trucker is the true original Trucker shape. It’ll probably hang in your wardrobe for years. It’s actually hard to believe that this is the first Denim Trucker in the POLITIX range. Like, ever. We figured it was long overdue, so we’ve released a bunch of new, versatile styles.
The Denim Trucker is our go-to jacket for year-round layering. You can wear it on its own with a tee and jeans, or dress it up with a checkered shirt and chinos (like we’ve done with this guy here).
We’ve taken the best of Trucker history and added a few special POLITIX touches. For starters, this guy is made from our best-selling stretch denim fabric. This gives it a way more tailored fit, cut close on the shoulders, sitting snug against the body, and hitting right at the hip (which makes you look taller). The extra stretch also means extra comfort. All day long. We finished things off with our rich indigo wash, made from cotton that supports the Better Cotton Initiative.
Hot tip: if you want to layer this jacket with chunky knits, just go one size higher than normal.

denim trucker jacket mens outfit pocket detail blue denim trucker jacket

03 Sophisticated Style with Suede


If you’re looking for a hybrid Trucker for your wardrobe, this is it.
Our Suede Leather Trucker is crafted from premium lambskin suede and feels ridiculously good. You can see it here in burgundy, but we’ve also got it in tan. It’s super smooth and will last for years to come (with proper suede care). We’ve taken the classic details of a Denim Trucker and upgraded them with super-soft leather. Whether you're going to a bar (make sure you let the jacket do the talking here—just layer with denim and a black crew-neck tee) or going to work, this Trucker can handle almost any occasion.
You can even pair this guy with suit pants and roll-neck knit, which is a killer smart-casual outfit. Definitely one to take your boss by surprise.
With the all-important double pocket, triple stitch detailing and rich colours, you’ve got something that feels like workwear, but with a way more flattering silhouette. To keep your Trucker looking good, and to fight off stains and water, make sure you take home our rapid dry repellent. A few sprays and you’re ready to roll.
FUN FACT: All our leather supports the Leather Working Group. So you know you’re doing the right thing.

suede trucker jacket in brown suede trucker jacket and jeans

04 Comfort in the Knitted Trucker


The one thing that Truckers have always had going for them is ease. It’s always had more pockets, more comfort, more versatility than competing styles.
Our Balwyn Trucker Jacket is made from POLITIX’s two-tone knitted stretch fabric. We’ve had this guy in our range for seasons, but it’s time to give it the workwear edge and push it into a new field. Double chest pockets, snap fastenings, angled lower pockets and an adjustable tab on the back hem give the Balwyn a sharp, tapered vibe.
We’ve tinkered with the colour, too. It’s now that perfect shade of navy and black, so you can wear it with almost anything (well, anything except sweatpants and moccasins. Be reasonable…)
A classic plaid check and crisp denim, or some chinos with a tee and textured knit are all you need to finish this Trucker. You want to let the jacket do most of the talking. We’ve added recycled polyester lining, too, so you can reduce waste while looking sharp as all get-out. Not bad, hey?

pocket detail blue denim trucker jacket pocket detail blue denim trucker jacket

Brad Mclennan, Designer

Bradley Mclennan has been with POLITIX for 5 years as a designer, and has over 11 years' experience across womenswear, everyday brands and streetwear. He has always been fascinated with how a creative outlook affects people's lives. A great song. An inspired building. Brad love's to push the boundaries. He's the guy injecting colour and pushing the team to be bold. Bringing the whole thing together with an insane attention to detail.