Traditional Men's
wedding Suits

Classic gets a bad rap, because people often confuse 'classic' with 'stuffy'. We're here to prove them wrong. It's called 'classic' for a reason guys: this stuff never goes out of style.
Politix Wedding

So you're thinking a classic men’s wedding suit? Good for you. Our three-piece suits are versatile and flattering, and you can style them in a couple of different directions. Windowpane checks and skinny, tailored fits are a fresh take on the traditional navy suit. And with rich colours and subtle patterns, they’re an easy way to upgrade your standard grey ensemble. Pro tip: grey three-piece suits can come off a tad corporate.

Three-piece wedding suits come with other benefits, too. The look won't age (even if the photos do) and you can easily remove your jacket while dancing – without looking like a slob. Did we mention they look razor sharp?