Wedding cocktail party attire

So you're thinking a cocktail party wedding? With social distancing measures in place, it can be a good option. Just remember: it might be a cocktail party, but it’s still you're wedding. Don't fade into the background.

For the cocktail party wedding, we're loving the neutral trend. This has been huge for summer wedding attire: cream tones, light-weight fabrics, some soft-tailored silhouettes. It's the wedding suit that screams Mediterranean sunsets and gin cocktails.

If you want to make a louder statement, think about a patterned tux, like our famous navy jacquard. This is a cocktail-style take on traditional black tie, with a single button for that rakish, martini-drinking vibe. Cocktail weddings don’t have to be super dressy—especially when it comes to men's wedding suits. They’re a chance to experiment and have some fun.